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Perks of having a baby girl.

This morning after getting up I looked in the mirror at my crazy slept-on bun that I didn’t have time to do anything about and though, “I really wish I had a headband to put in it.” Then I remembered, hey, Summer has headbands! They may be sized 0-3 months, but elastic is stretchy, right?


Worked like a charm! Just what I needed for a morning of preschool drop-off and getting my winter tires put on. I’m sure the staff at Speedy Auto Repair appreciated it (or not.)

Sorry, Summy. No accessory of yours is safe anymore.

And the best was Casey’s reaction, “Why you wear Summer’s headband? You look byoo-full!”

That boy.

I think Summer’s stocking may be filled with nothing but headbands, all purchased from Little Town Boutique. Because that shop is perfection, is it not?

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