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My first surprise party!

… and probably last, just to be clear that I’m definitely not expecting a lifetime of surprise parties in my future. Once was awesome!

The weeks before my big (thirtieth! ahh!) birthday, Kent hadn’t brought up any plans or asked me what I wanted to do, which made me think that maaaaybe he was planning something secretly, so I decided to leave it alone and not bring it up. The week before my birthday I noticed a little bit of shifty behaviour, like phone conversations behind closed doors and not wanting me to look at his phone.

I guess this behaviour would cause some to think “affair,” others to think “birthday surprise!” I’m a glass-half-full type of girl.

I wanted this surprise to stay a surprise, so I stayed far away from his phone and any closed doors. But I couldn’t help but monitor my friends’ and family’s behaviour very closely the week leading up to my birthday and analyzing every conversation to see what they knew about what he was up to. Turns out my family and friends are all very good liars and secret keepers. I was definitely living in a web of lies that week.

The day before my birthday a friend of mine said that since I didn’t have any plans on my actual birthday her and a few other friends were going to pick me up and that we could either stay in and have a craft night (we have a thing for craft nights) or go out and do something REALLY AWESOME. Obviously I picked the latter.

She picked me up that evening and gave me this booklet I’d made for her in our early twenties which included three and a half pages of small-print, single spaced memories of events and sayings. Hundreds of them, and honestly I probably remembered 5%. Maybe. Things like “we woke up in a parking lot surrounded by police officers.” I should add: We were TOTALLY good girls who just liked to have fun and those police officers were definitely not in that parking lot because of us (that I would remember.) Obviously we were sleeping in our car in a parking lot, but I don’t remember where or why, and who forgets something like that? I wish I’d been much more detailed with my reminiscing.

We had so much fun back then! Now the quotes I write down are things Casey said. :) Life is still amazing and fun, but in a different way.

Anyways! She picked up two more friends and then they blindfolded me, telling me they were taking me to four stops that were all places we had memories from. The first stop was Moxie’s for Bellinis (I loooove Bellinis.)

Then we got back in the car for stop #2. They led me in with my blindfold on…

(and this is where I should add – I totally should have guessed that this was all a rue for my surprise party but I totally didn’t! I thought maybe Kent was surprising me with something the next night since I had left him at home with Casey and Summer and he did a good job pretending to be nervous about his first night alone with her. I am SO gullible.)

… then took it off and a whole bunch of my family and friends were standing in my parents’ kitchen yelling “surprise!” Casey was even there! (actually he stayed up the whole night and went to bed when we did.) I guess this would explain why he kept insisting the whole day that “we need to go to a party!” I thought he was just associating “birthday” with “birthday party” since, with big families, we tend to go to a lot of birthday parties. Again, SO gullible.

We basically just sat around my parent’s house chatting like we used to back in the day when my sisters and I all lived at home, and it was perfect. My family did such a good job of planning and making tons of food and keeping it a big secret.

This is the only photo I have. I’m pretty sure everyone was having more fun than it appears. ;)


And now I’m kind of dying to throw someone a surprise party. Have you ever planned one or had someone throw one for you?

6 comments to My first surprise party!

  • Oh my gosh. I am so gullible too, I wouldn’t have guessed anything was up. IN fact, I would’ve thought everyone forgot about me and been really sad, LOL!

    Happy belated birthday! I’ve never had a surprise party, but always wanted one.

  • Micaela

    Nancy – nice to see you’re still reading. :) I know that Kent knows better than to ignore my 30th birthday so I wasn’t too worried!

  • I never want a surprise party. Please never throw one for me.
    Also you should have asked me for photos. I have some! I’ll send them to you and you can do a 2nd post with photos.

  • Haha I feel ya, I hate attention too. Maybe I”ll throw one for you, maybe I won’t. ;)

  • Maria

    We only had one surprise party for our 30th anniversary. The kids did it and it was overwhelming to face 80 plus people. But the best part was the gift- a four day trip to New York City.

  • You have some thoughtful kids for sure!

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