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Let’s chat.

It’s Friday! That doesn’t mean as much when you’re a stay at home mom for the year, but we can pretend. I’m staying home for the whole day and likely most of the weekend (in the potty training trenches) so I’m feeling chatty.

> I turned thirty last week. Kent threw a surprise party for me that was perfect: lots of food, lots of family and friends, and lots of sitting around the huge kitchen table at my parents house on a Friday night like old times. Casey even came to the party and happily played until we went to bed (we slept over.) The next day I spent the whole day at the farm with the kids and two of my sisters. Perfect birthday!

I’m excited for my thirties; happy to be done with all of the not-fun things about my twenties: job hunting, rental apartments and houses (I love love love owning a house), moving from city to city, financial instability, the first trimester of pregnancy (worst)… and so on. A lot of great things happened in my twenties too, but I think this decade will be even better.

> I made the executive decision yesterday that we need to start potty training. Casey is nearly three, it’s time. I kept hearing that the best time to start is when your child is showing readiness, and Casey kept telling me, “I love diapers! They’re my favourite!” I came to the conclusion that he was probably never going to seem ready. He’s a busy boy and diapers make his life so easy. Summer has been getting happier and more predictable, so I finally felt like we could try it out. Changing his diaper has started to feel completely ridiculous. He’s just so big!

We started potty training after school yesterday afternoon. It was exhausting. I had read up on the three day potty training method and tried to follow it: I asked him all day if he needed to use the potty, set the timer every fifteen minutes and put him on the potty, kept pushing drinks and salty food… and it resulted in a few successes and a few disasters. By the end of the day I was annoyed with myself and felt like I hadn’t talked about anything else all day, and Casey was super needy from the constant attention. Not to mention, every time I laid Summer down to help Casey, she would flip onto her tummy and get so mad. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Oh, life. Thank goodness I had plans last night to go shopping with a couple of friends and was able to regain my sanity. I was dreading today because I didn’t know if I could do that again.

Today I decided to relax about it, and it’s going amazing! Casey just runs to the potty when he needs to. The fifteen minute thing yesterday backfired on me because he felt like he could only go when the timer went off, which obviously did not always coincide with when he needed to go. I’m beyond impressed with him. It feels too good to be true! He even went down for his nap half an hour ago without his diaper and fell asleep right away.

I think we’ll spend tomorrow at home again, and on Sunday I miiight be feeling brave enough to take him to church sans diaper. I have to go to church anyways: My priest actually Facebooked me last Sunday wondering why I wasn’t there. Yes, that happened. This brings the whole feeling guilty about not going to a whole new level.

> We got rid of cable a couple months ago. Instead, we watch shows on Netflix and Casey loves picking movies out of the library. The only thing I really miss is being able to have the television on in the background when I’m taking care of the kids during the day, even though I’m not really watching it, as sort of a connection to the outside (and adult) world. Then I discovered podcasts! They are actually better for this purpose since you don’t have to be looking at anything to understand what’s going on, I can listen to them in the kitchen when cooking dinner, and Casey doesn’t constantly ask to switch the channel to his own shows.

Do you listen to any podcasts? If you have any recommendations, send them over!

4 comments to Let’s chat.

  • Erica

    can you imagine if we still had fiveblondes?
    Fr RJ would find it…and comment…go through the archives…nooooooo
    Then I would block his IP address.

    High fives to Casey and potty training!!

  • 1. I want to go shopping with friends! Totally jealous!

    2. ahahah I love that you got facebooked by Fr. about not going to church.

    3. podcasts, that is a good idea. I feel like Laura or mom would have good suggestions.

  • Audiobooks Micaela! London library has thousands! I can help you get set up if you want.

  • laura jean

    I just checked back to this post to see if you had any good suggestions because I’ve been getting bored with my CBC podcasts (I like DNTO and Day Six). I’m starting the Hunger Games Catching Fire Audio Book but I’ll stay on the hunt for good podcasts for us!

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