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This blog seems to be all photos and recaps of events and holidays lately. Sometimes I feel like just writing about life – those are some of my favourite blogs to look back on. So today that’s what’s happening.

We recently started Casey in nursery school two mornings a week. His cousin Hailey is in his class too, and as I was saying to Katelyn this morning, it was the best idea ever. Not because I need a break from Casey (he’s a very cool kid… plus he is a fabulous napper), but because it gives our lives such a nice routine now that two mornings a week we are forced to be up and out of the house by 9am.

On Tuesday mornings, while the big kids are at school, Katelyn and I are in a stroller boot camp run by a friend from church. Even just walking at a pace faster than that of a two year old is enough to make my legs sore. On Thursdays we run errands or I just come home and indulge Summer in her favourite pastime – napping on her mama without a chatty boy waking her up nonstop.

For the first two weeks Casey screamed bloody murder when I dropped him off. He was “having trouble with transitions,” the teachers told me, which I translated to mean, “he just wants to play with the toy trucks and nothing else.” He’s since learned that school is pretty fun, and runs in without so much as a goodbye to me. I’ll take it. I’m glad he’s figuring all of this out now, I really do feel like it’s preparing him well for junior kindergarten next year. Oh, and the best moment thus far: I arrived a little early to pick him up one morning and watched all of the kids walk out of the gym into the classroom single file… then Casey and Hailey came out holding hands. I really hope our kids continue to grow up feeling as close as siblings – especially since Kent tells me we don’t need to have more kids since our kids have all of these cousins close by.

Speaking of more kids, or lack thereof, I used to wonder how people (such as my parents) ever managed it with five kids. Since having Summer, I’m pretty sure that with each kid, you just stop caring about the little things more and more. Casey had a perfect bedtime routine of a bath every night, baby lotion, a story and a song, and I peacefully rocked him to sleep to the sound of waves crashing on his sleep sheep. Summer? hahahaha. And then by the time the fourth and fifth kids come along, the oldest one is old enough to raise them. I remember being stressing when my youngest sister was starting school and I hadn’t finished teaching her how to read.

Not that I’m thinking of having five kids. I’m just saying.

Unfortunately, I can’t fully stop caring about the little things (which is why I’ll never have that many kids.) I just don’t have it in me. I always have things hanging over my head that I feel like need to get done today, even though the world would go on if they didn’t. Probably. Fortunately, as long as my house is reasonably clean, both kids aren’t crying at the same time (the worst), and we get out somewhere every day, overall, things feel pretty manageable.

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  • Jess C

    I love how you and your sister, plus Casey and Hailey are so close. Cousins are the best, but growing up, mine were always far away (like, provinces and countries away!) so count yourselves lucky to have everyone as close as they are. Although the kids will change as they grow, I’m sure they will stay close as long as they’re given the opportunity. Also, I totally relate on the need-to-get-it-done-TODAY situation. But it will be a whole new ballgame in January with Baby #2 arrives! Hopefully I will be as level-headed about all the change as you seem to be. :) p.s. yay Casey for taking nursery school in stride!

  • Micaela

    Jess – I’m that close with all my sisters, and definitely don’t take it for granted! I don’t know how people survive without four sisters, really! I have lots of awesome cousins around my age that are provinces and countries away too. Hate that!

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