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What I love about bathtime.

I love letting Casey crawl to the bathroom after I take his clothes off in his room. Seeing that naked bum waddling away just about does me in every time. Today I decided the moment needs to be documented before he starts walking and I don’t get this treat every second day.

Video evidence would capture the waddle better, but that can’t go in my photo album and I doubted that anyone other than Kent and our moms would bother watching it, so I took photos instead.


I mean, just look at this.

(His doorway is where I’m standing in the photo. The door straight ahead is a linen closet, to the left is our room, and to the right is the bathroom. To the right of me are the stairs, and that’s our whole upper level. That quilt wall hanging was a wedding gift from my Oma. It was so cute – she told me it wasn’t ready yet, then she surprised me by hanging it up in the tent at our wedding which was in her backyard.)


And wondering what the heck his crazy mom is doing.


Then deciding that he’s taking a bath, with or without me.

Don’t worry, I got to the tub before he did.


Then we had our usual post-bath giggle fest.

PS Casey’s first bath photo shoot blog! So teeny!

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