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Handmade linen gift bags.


For awhile I’ve been wanting to learn to sew. I blame Pinterest and all of the pretty ideas that make you think, “I could make that!” If you’re on there, you know the feeling. So when it came time to wrap my Christmas gifts and I didn’t want to use wrapping paper on account of the small boy that would rip it to shreds, I decided to make my own bags. A quick Pinterest search brought me to Petite Purls and I fell in love with her cute and simple bags.


I started with nothing – literally. I didn’t even have a sewing machine. I went to see my mom, who has an extra sewing machine and every sewing supply you could possibly think of. She gave me everything I needed, right down to a pincushion with some pins in it. She also gave me lessons, made a prototype with me, and sent me home with enough supplies to make lots of my own bags, including the extra sewing machine and instructed me, “Don’t break it. These are really in demand.”

For the past week I’ve spent many evenings and naptimes being a sewing machine (pun intended), making these bags like crazy. I’m in love with them. After Kent came home the first evening I showed him the bags I made and he was all, “Those are so nice! We’re giving them away? Don’t give them away! You should put a tag on them.” At that time I only had three – now that our house is filling up with them he’s probably ready to see a few go. When my mom came over a few days after our lesson she said, “Those are good. Like, really good.” That, from a woman who has made three wedding dresses, felt pretty good especially considering this is the first sewing I’ve done since I was a kid.


I haven’t broken the machine so far. I ran out of bobbin thread and my mom had to talk me through replacing it over the phone which resulted in my sewing machine area looking like it went through a war. I now have a cut on my finger and can barely bend it. This is why I don’t play contact sports. Confession: I actually called her and told her I needed to buy new bobbin thread because I didn’t know you filled it up yourself. My sister found out and laughed at me.


I’ll be giving them all away because giving a gift to someone then asking for the bag back just seems all kinds of wrong, and I like the idea of my bags floating around the area. I was tempted to make more that weren’t Christmas themed so people could re-use them for any occasion, but it just feels so festive, making Christmas themed bags at this time of year. I did make one elephant, because it’s actually a birthday gift. Because elephants and 25 year old girls’ birthdays go hand in hand, you know.

Update: I was reminded (and called a bad sister but I can take it!) that Katelyn made her own holiday gift bags too and that was part of what inspired me to make mine. You can see them here! In her blog she said that I inspired her to make something, so just look at us. A little cycle of sisterly inspiration.

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  • Allison

    Love these! I’ve also been thinking I need to learn to sew again. Laura and I used to be pretty good at it and did a few sewing camp type things. I think you *may* have inspired me! I should ask your mom for recs on a second hand sewing machine to buy!

  • Way to show me up! 1. way nicer then mine 2. actually giving them away!

    Also you didn’t even mention that I made some too! Bad sister!

  • Micaela

    haha! You were actually part of my inspiration too. I am a bad sister. Okay, I’ll add that.

  • Micaela

    Allison – She’d definitely be able to help you out! I totally recommend getting one and using it – so satisfying!

  • I love the bag I got at the christmas party!

  • Michelle P

    Those are so good! I want to learn how to sew and get a sewing machine!
    But I wouldn’t make Christmas bags, I enjoy wrapping paper too much. :)

  • michelle A

    I seem to remember getting a present from you minus the bag lol. Where did it go? I wanna make them too!

  • Michelle – I don’t know but Erica must be the culprit considering she said up there that she loves the bag she got at the Christmas party! First she steals my gift then she steals your bag…!

  • Michelle A

    Well it’s okay if Erica got it lol. Pregnant ladies should get what they want always :)

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  • Larissa

    Micaela – I am so envious. I want to do this too! I love them, I wish you were closer so you could show me! Amazing, amazing job.

  • Those bags are awesome! I would love to make some, guess I should have started earlier for this year but there is always next Christmas.
    Great job!

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