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Halloween 2013!

Casey the “construction guy” spent two hours prior to trick or treating moving all of our Halloween treats from one bucket to another and to various places around the house, never once asking me if he could eat one, having the time of his life. Funny guy.

And yes, we managed to convince him that he should wear his costume. There were no tears involved!

I sent him and Kent out without us a few minutes ago because it’s pouring rain and Summer is fast asleep and well, I’m not crazy! I’m sad to miss it though, because last year the cuteness of seeing him run around as Elmo getting treats nearly killed me.

The need for a jacket instead of a cute plaid shirt ruined the costume a tad, but that’s pretty much par for the course here in Ontario! At least it wasn’t winter jackets this year. Although cold may have been preferable to a downpour…


Summy, cat in disguise, world’s plumpest baby… I mean, who needs a costume when you’re this cute to begin with?!


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