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15 months.


A few months ago I said I was going to stop doing these updates, but every month so many exciting new developments happen that I just can’t quit yet.

This month was Casey’s biggest month yet, I’d say. At the beginning of the month I was reading my sister Katelyn’s 15 month post about her daughter Hailey and so surprised by all that Hailey was doing and saying. Well I don’t know if it was because I was off work with him for a week this month or if it was just Casey being ready, but he now says so many words. Most of them don’t actually sound like what they are supposed to sound like, but my aunt, a daycare teacher, says that as long as they are trying to say it, that counts as a word. Works for me.


So these are Casey’s words (SO awesome! I’ve always been anxious for him to be able to talk to me!):

calculator (don’t be too impressed by the last two, they both sound like ca-ca-ca)
….and his all time favourite word: more!

16 words! I can’t wait to see where we are next month.


Casey is also really good at following directions now and pointing to things that we ask him to point to. He loves pointing. From the minute that I get him up in the morning to the minute he goes to bed, he’s got his arm stuck way out and his pointer finger out. Every day he amazes me with a couple of new things that he can do. The other day I handed him a folded up dirty diaper for the first time and said “put your diaper in the garbage” and he walked right over and put it in. Yesterday we were having dinner with the tv in the background. He said “bus” and I looked over and sure enough there was a school bus on the tv. Later he said “bus” and I looked outside and our neighbour wad driving out of his driveway in his truck. I guess we’ll work on truck next.


Daycare is going great – his teacher gushes over how much the other kids love him, which as a mom is so nice to see. In fact, she has a rule that no one is allowed to touch Casey in the first few minutes that he arrives, because it’s too overwhelming for the little guy – so they all just crowd around him. It’s hilarious.


He’s so cheeky too. Lauren’s eyes get really squinty when she smiles, and whenever she smiles at Casey, he smiles back, squints his eyes big time, and juts his chin out. Poor Lauren, but come on. It’s hilarious.


And the curls. He’ll get whatever he wants someday, because of them. I know that for sure. Kent will look at this blog tonight and say to me later, “Those pictures on your blog? He’s STUNNING.”

(The baby in the chair idea: I have to give Elizabeth from E Tells Tales credit for that one. Casey does not stay still ever, and I remembered E’s pictures of her baby sitting so lovely (and so cute, come on) on a chair so I tried it out and it worked like a charm. He loved it and pointed to the chair multiple times afterwards and and asked for “more!”)

10 comments to 15 months.

  • Lauren

    Obviously I LOVE when he does the Lauren face because he is so darn cute when he does it! Maybe one day he’ll realize that I’m not making a face at him, that’s just how I look! Haha

  • Larissa

    Awesome update! Good job Casey! Aunt Larissa, Uncle Neil and Cousin Noah can’t wait to see you at Easter! XO

  • Nadine

    Ahhh…he is one gorgeous boy! Can’t wait to see him next weekend!

  • Nadine

    and you and Kent of course:)

  • Laur – It is! I try to get him to do it too, but he’s best at it when you’re around. :)

    Larissa – Same! I heard today that Noah is messing up his toys and telling your mom that Casey did it… SO FUNNY. He’s a smarty-pants.

    Nadine – :) Ditto!

  • I love Casey! He’ll be talking in sentences in no time mastering words as quickly as he is.
    His hair is awesome!

  • Aww, he loves you too Kate! For sure he’ll come running to you someday like Hailey does to me when she sees me. Although I figured out the truth about who she’s running to last Sunday when I walked in the house sans Casey…

  • Jules

    Mic, i can’t believe how big Casey is and how well he’s doing! You are a awesome mama to him!!! :)

  • Julie – Thanks. :) You’re so nice. Hope all is well with you and your cute boys too!

  • Cutie!

    Everett is super jealous of all his words too!

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